Best Physical Therapists in NYC

Physical therapists encounter a broad spectrum of patients with issues ranging from pain treatment to circulatory system issues.

Here we have some best Physical Therapists working in NYC given below.

ActiveCare Physical Therapy

ActiveCare Physical Therapy is a New York-based physical therapy practice that specializes in manual treatments and focuses on the treatment of sports-specific injuries while maintaining an unwavering emphasis on the delivery of excellent patient care and superior customer service. Treatments are provided for many types of ankle, thoracic, cervical, lumbar, hip, and core-strengthening ailments. As mentioned earlier, CBS, Fox News, and Mission Makeover have covered ActiveCare Physical Therapy.


ActiveCare Physical Therapy

Body Tuning & Physical Therapy

The NYC-based physical therapist Shmuel Tatz practices in the field of Body Tuning & Physical Therapy. To treat a variety of ailments such as back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and migraines, Tatz utilizes a blend of yoga, osteopathy, acupuncture, and physical and reflex therapy. Mikhail Baryshnikov, Susan Jaffe, Peter Jennings, Lou Reed, Kathleen Turner, and members of the Soviet Olympic team are among the people Tatz has worked with.


Body Tuning & Physical Therapy


Brill Physical Therapy

At Brill Physical Therapy, patients get high-quality care in a holistic manner that is accessible and cost-effective. The squad consists of certified physical therapists from New York State who specialize in treating injuries and helping players return to competition form. Along with standard services, there are several complementary therapies, such as manual therapy, post-cancer physical therapy, rehabilitation, as well as wellness programs. The name of our company, Brill Physical Therapy, is registered with the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network.


Brill Physical Therapy


Chelsea Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

This award-winning facility has been providing comprehensive treatment in New York City and the surrounding area for over a decade. It is composed of physically and mentally fit physical therapists who have undergone special training to treat a variety of orthopedic and neurological disorders, sports-related injuries, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and other various maladies related to musculoskeletal and skeletal issues. The NYU Langone Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Network welcomes Chelsea Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation as a member.

CompleteBody Inc.

The main goal of CompleteBody Inc. is to provide excellent treatments at competitive prices in New York City. With years of expertise, our skilled physical therapists provide a wide range of physical therapy services, such as recovering from injury or treating pain. Fitness training membership programs, with acceptance of health insurance for physical therapy patients, are offered by CompleteBody Inc.

Core Focus Physical Therapy

There is an award-winning physical therapy clinic in New York called Core Focus Physical Therapy that tries to deliver comprehensive and high-quality service. The facility is equipped with the newest equipment for physical treatment and manned by physical therapists with considerable training and expertise. This provider offers these services, which include muscle and joint training, soft tissue manipulation, myofascial release, therapeutic exercise, and neuromuscular re-education. Both Kinesio tape and Pilates-based physical treatment and exercises are also offered by Core Focus Physical Therapy.


Core Focus Physical Therapy

Deva Physical Therapy

Deva Physical Therapy was founded in 2011 and serves individuals in the NewYorkCity region who need home-based rehabilitation services. The physical therapists at the organization focus on orthopedic and neurological problems to help their patients deal with pain and get back to their regular activities. Services provided include a comprehensive examination, therapy, and education to help facilitate the healing process. People who have had a complete joint replacement, a surgical treatment, a stroke, or an athletic injury may all benefit from it.


Duffy & Bracken Wellness & Fitness Physical Therapy, P.C.

Deva Physical Therapy was created in 2011 and provides home-based rehabilitation services to people in the New York City area. The physical therapists at the organization assist their patients to cope with pain and go back to their usual activities by focusing on orthopedic and neurological disorders. All the services are designed to assist speed up the healing process. All joint replacement surgery patients, those who’ve had a stroke, and athletes may all benefit from this procedure.


Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy

The New York City physical therapy clinic is led by professional physical therapists and all are licensed. They work together to provide their patients with the highest quality care and personal attention in a safe atmosphere. Sports physical therapy and rehabilitation, scoliosis treatment, vestibular rehabilitation, and acupuncture are among the services provided. This physical therapy clinic is registered with the Hospital for Surgery Rehabilitation Network (also known as the U.S. hospital orthopedic network) and has achieved TPI certification.

Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation

The New York City clientele is served by Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation, a fusion of the physical therapy and sports rehabilitation disciplines. There are many physical therapists, sports performance and injury prevention experts, personal trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches that serve as members of the clinic and fitness center’s staff. Soft tissue mobilization and therapeutic ultrasounds are included in their package. To aid athletes’ overall health, functional movement screenings, such as the Biomechanical Running Analysis and the FMS, assist athletes to stay injury-free. Gymnastics performance and golf swing analysis are further features of Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation’s facilities.


F Squared PT

F Squared PT is a leading NYC and neighboring area fitness and wellness studio, founded in 2011. Licensed and experienced physical therapists with a specialization in post-surgical rehabilitation and orthopedic physical therapy work together to form this professional practice. In addition to offering performance analysis and bike fitting services, F Squared PT also provides running analysis and physical therapy services for performers. 


Finish Line Physical Therapy

When you’re looking for physical therapy and rehabilitation in New York, you should go to Finish Line Physical Therapy since they’re trying to provide their customers high-quality service in a caring and pleasant setting. Since its founding in 2006, it has provided a wide range of services, including manual therapy, balance and stability exercises, and training for clients. In addition, it has provided various therapies using the technique known as Kinesio taping and provided services for clients using onto jump and gait analysis. One of the products offered by Finish Line Physical Therapy is Previnex, a safe and effective nutritional supplement.


Flex Physical Therapy

The facility at 2864 Seneca Avenue in New York City offers comprehensive treatments to deliver the best possible value to patients. In addition to its extensive range of treatments, this facility provides many forms of therapeutic intervention, including manual therapy, hand and upper extremity therapy, post-surgical rehabilitation, orthopedic and sports therapy, spine care, and orthotics. Flex Physical Therapy is an organization member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT).


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